The Feline Festival is a fundraising event to support APL Programs. Festival competition is designed to be a fun-filled, family-oriented event.

Not just for the purebred, the Festival welcomes household cats of all breeds and backgrounds. *No exotics, please*

Trophies and prizes will be awarded! Class winners will compete for BEST of SHOW honors.

Feline Festival Rules
  1. All cats must arrive in carriers or cages.
  2. Animal Protection League Feline Festival
  3. All cats are to remain confined unless under direct supervision of owner/participant.
  4. Participants are expected to clean up after their pet in case of 'accidents.'
  5. The Festival can NOT guarantee the health or safety of any pet. Owners are to exercise special care to avoid contact with other pets. We strongly encourage all cats to be properly inoculated.
  6. Participants are solely responsible for the behavior of their pets.
  7. All participants, owners, and visitors will demonstrate care and respect for each other and all pets. There will be zero tolerance for teasing, provoking, or abusing any pet at the Festival.
  8. Any pet deemed by the President of the APL to be unsafe, unhealthy, of poor temperament, or otherwise unsuitable to participate in the Festival may be denied access.
  9. No kittens less than 3 months old. No exotic cats. Household cats only.
Class Judging Rules

This competition is staged with the express purpose of providing fun for felines and feline lovers alike. Many areas of judging are subjective. Therefore, all decisions of the judges are final and based wholly on their personal opinion. A judging arena will be provided.

Festival hosts will determine judging order and time limits for participants. Control of your pet is your responsibility during the competition. There must be at least 3 pets entered in each class to be judged. The Festival hosts reserve the right to limit the number of entrants per class. Enter early! There is no limit on the number of classes a pet or owner may enter. Any pet may be entered and any person may participate if the exhibitor has the expressed permission of the pet owner to participate.

Unsportsmanlike conduct will be dealt with by ejection from the Festival. Exhibitors under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult.

The Festival Committee reserves the right to eject any pet, owner, exhibitor, or visitor for failure to follow any Festival or judging rules or for any unacceptable behavior. The Feline Festival is just for fun and to raise money for Homeward Bound!